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Disc Prolapse

What is Disc Prolapse?

Disc prolapse, also known as disc herniation, occurs when an intervertebral disc rupture or when a disc is forced out of its natural position by an abnormal load. The condition causes pain due to the pressure placed on nerves. Modalities, Hands-on technique, cupping, moxibustion, and the condition can affect any one of the discs: cervical, or neck region; thoracic, or middle back; or lumbar, where the large nerves exit. This condition is most common in the lumbar spine. About 90% of people with disc prolapse experience symptoms in their lower back and leg.

Benefits of Physiotherapy in Disc Prolapse

The vast majority of disc prolapses can be treated with physiotherapy. Most disc prolapses heal in a 6 to the 8-week time frame and oftentimes surgery is not necessary. Physiotherapy can help relieve pain, alleviate disc pressure and increase mobility through a variety of treatments and an effective home exercise plan. These may include: 1) Active release techniques, 2) Massage therapy,

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Disc prolapse can cause significant discomfort and hinder your daily activities, but rest assured that at the best physiotherapy clinic in Chennai, we are well-equipped to address this condition. Whether you’re seeking stroke treatment or paralysis treatment in Chennai, our dedicated team of professionals is here to provide exceptional care for disc prolapse as part of our comprehensive approach. Our physiotherapists near you are experienced in diagnosing and treating disc prolapse, offering personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we understand the importance of convenience and offer home visit physiotherapists near you for added comfort and accessibility. As part of our advanced treatment options, we also provide laser physiotherapy treatment, which can effectively target disc prolapse symptoms and promote healing. Experience the benefits of our holistic approach at the best physiotherapy clinic in Chennai and regain your mobility and well-being.

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