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Patient who had disc prolapse(sciatica)suggested to go for a surgery, after 10days of treatment at HPRRC now she is pain free, could do all her activities.

24 years girl, who had haemorrhagic stroke due to AVM, could not walk with support also after first sitting she could walk with support, doctor has initially suggested her to go for a surgery but later on after the improvement she could avoid her surgery.

Due to haemorrhagic stroke, could not use her left hand, now after treatment at HPRRC now she can use her left upperlimb.

Patient suffered from parkinsonism since ten years, she was dependent on walking but after few sessions of treatment at HPRRC, now she is able to walk independently.

Another haemorrhagic stroke affected person, could not use her left hand for more than a year after,two months of treatment, she could use her left upperlimb.

35 years old who had stroke 9 years before, could not use her left upperlimb after three months of treatment at HPRRC now she is able to use her left hand

Physiotherapy Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Experience the extraordinary journey of a patient who defied the odds at HPRRC, overcoming paralysis with groundbreaking treatments. Witness the remarkable recovery unfold as cutting-edge therapies and unwavering determination pave the path to freedom. Join us in celebrating this incredible triumph, showcasing the boundless possibilities of medical innovation and perseverance.

A remarkable individual whose journey with Parkinson's disease led him to the groundbreaking treatment at HPRRC. Witness his inspiring transformation from struggle to triumph, as he shares his story of resilience and hope. Join us in celebrating John's victory over Parkinson's, showcasing the power of innovation and dedication in healthcare.

Patient suffered from paralysis due to stroke for 3 years, could not walk without support, because of feet getting twisted, after treatment at HPRRC, he is able to walk independently without any twist in his foot, Now can speak well, can recognise objects clearly.

Complete recovery of the patient who had haemorrhagic stroke, double vision, now the person could walk, run, can ride bike.

55years old, patient had infarct, suffered from paralysis for three years, she also had fracture of humerus on left side,after taking treatment for two months at HPRRC, she could use her left arm

Paralysis treatment in Chennai requires specialized attention, and at HPRRC, we understand the challenges and complexities involved. Our expert team is committed to offering personalized care, utilizing advanced laser physiotherapy techniques to aid in the recovery of paralysis patients.

Laser physiotherapy treatment in Chennai is one of the forefront methods in rehabilitation, and our center integrates this innovative approach into our comprehensive paralysis treatment programs. We focus on addressing the specific needs of each patient, tailoring our treatments to maximize recovery and improve quality of life.

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